Life is Full of Possibilities!

   Lilly's Light is a musical adventure for the entire family!

Featuring Sherry Hursey (Home Improvement, Bring It On),  Mindy Sterling (Austin Powers, iCarly),
Philece Sampler (Stanley), and LeRoy White.

Lilly, the main character of the show, is a foster mom who lives in an enchanted lighthouse with a melting pot of foster kids, a few exotic talking pets, and a cast of zany characters.  She guides them all through the challenges of growing up, using joy, love and laughter as her tools.  Lilly shows everyone that "Life is full of possibilities"!

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Lilly's Light is filled with original music, sparkling sets and strong message points to which children can relate.  An award winning production team includes William Stout (Production Design), Grammy nominee Jim Linahon (Music Production) and song contributions by Sherri A. Lewis, Jon Walmsley, Larry Dean, Leroy White and Emmy/Grammy winners Steve Dorff and John Bettis.

To solidify this talented team, renowned educational advisor Dr. Gordon Berry, helped craft Lilly's Light into a ground-breaking show targeted towards co-viewing audiences, that will capture the attention and minds of children and adults everywhere. 

One of the enchantments of the lighthouse is its ability to "shine its light" on mental pictures, turning them into real-life adventures.  Lilly's fostering environment was also developed in order to, "shine a light", on the significant social issue of challenges facing foster children nationwide, as well as the positive portrayal of foster youth in programming.

--  Lilly's Light is presented by SCETV and distributed by NETA for public television.

 -- Winner of 2009 KIDSFIRST BEST! Award by the coalition for quality children's media

QUOTES FROM OUR MISSION FRIENDS:  (For more information on organizations in your neighborhood click the "Fostering/Adoption Info" link above.)

“Heart Gallery of America is truly impressed with LILLY’S LIGHT’s sensitive approach to the issues facing foster children, says Diane Granito co-founder of Heart Gallery of America. She adds, “with national chapters across the United States providing portraits of children needing families, we are excited about our collaboration with LILLY’S LIGHT and anticipate the creation of many local events to help promote this program in coordination with local broadcasts on Public Television stations. We know that together, we’ll be able to help carry the message of our waiting children and LILLY’S LIGHT across the country in this personal and powerful way.”

"As the national voice for the 123,000 children waiting in U.S. foster care to be adopted, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is delighted to see "Lilly's Light" airing on Public Television.  The program draws attention to children without families, and portrays them in a positive light.  It is important for Americans to learn more about the possibility of adopting from foster care." 

Rita L. Soronen -Executive Director-Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption
Song Credits:  "Possibilities" by Sherri A. Lewis
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